Mindful parenting for babies and toddlers

I am mum to a 2 and a half year old toddler and I battled with postpartum anxiety about a year ago. Mindfulness helped me to overcome it so now I want to share the techniques I learnt to help others during this particularly challenging stage.

I offer mindful parenting courses online to offer the best start for you the parent which then provides the best start for your child. Nourishing yourself so that you can nourish the whole family.  

Being a mindful parent

I have devised a 4 week course which weaves mindfulness techniques within the key learning areas. We find a suitable time each week within your hectic diary for a 1 hour video call. I always include a short meditation within the allotted time slot with a free download link to all my longer meditations for practice at home (optional). 



Stress and how it impacts on mental health - understanding how stress affects the mind and whole body boosting awareness of how we are affected and helping us to identify our stress triggers sooner. 

Present moment parenting - truly engaging with your little one in the present moment rather than living in the future worrying about the endless 'to do' list that we all have. Tips on how to remain present throughout the day (understanding that the toughest moments will pass and breathing techniques can help you to handle those particularly challenging times with more balanced emotions). Attentive listening is also included. 

Role modelling - As we all know we as parents are big role models for our children - how we behave has a big influence on how they behave. Advice on how to respond rather than react in challenging situations (the power of the pause), acknowledging our own inner battles to avoid projecting onto the children and how making mistakes can be an opportunity for role modelling.

Being kind to yourself - If we do not nourish ourselves how can we truly nourish others? Every day is different with its own set of unique challenges. We all need strength and resilience to face the chaos. Specific loving kindness meditations and Taking in the Good exercises that build compassion for ourselves and others. Take my parenting advice: be kind to yourself

Trusting your gut - Mindfulness helps us to connect more with our gut instinct, making decisions that feel right for our children and not someone else's, for every child is different. Breathing techniques and meditations to help you tune out the other voices and truly listen to your own. 

Finding time to meditate - tips on making the time with little ones (pacing the floor opportunity, the 3 minute breathing space/time out, cup of tea etc.)


Please contact me for more details if you're interested.