Mindfulness brings a sense of calm helping you to approach life with greater resilience and more balanced emotions. You learn to be kinder to yourself which then has a positive ripple effect onto your relationships with others. 

According to neuroscientist Rick Hanson, meditation also helps numerous medical conditions, boosts the immune system and enhances psychological functioning. (Adapted from Buddha's Brain, Rick Hanson, PH.D with Richard Mendius, MD, published 2009, p96).

Mindfulness is already sweeping into modern society in many fields. It is on the radar of the NHS, recommended to help with anxiety, mild depression and other common mental health problems. It is also coming into education, law, business, sport, politics, technology and government. Some businesses use a form of mindfulness to start their day – a five minute meditation to focus the mind on the company’s true ambition before getting caught up in day to day challenges.

It is safe to say that mindfulness has many benefits so why not give it a try yourself to see how life changing it can truly be.